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Version 0.188


  • Longer Replays - The Replay API can now record up to 10 minutes unlike the 3 minutes it was able to record before. Please use this wisely as it can affect memory usage, CPU and the time which it takes Overwolf to create the replay video file.
  • getRunningGameInfo2 - getRunningGameInfo is back and he's angrier than ever - In this sequel, no longer returns just null when it's being called while there's no game running. Now it returns:
    gameInfo: null,
    success: true
  • Media Folder Access - namespace now has access to previously chosen video folders (so if a user has changed the video folder, you'll now also have access to the previous folder when using that API).


  • App Validations - Each and every app that a user downloads now gets validated to make sure it includes only the content the App Creator has intended.
  • Updated 3rd party DLLs - We updated most of our 3rd party DLLs, The following DLLs were updated to the following versions:
    Newtonsoft.Json.dll -
    CommandLine.dll -
    log4net.dll -
    Ionic.Zip.Reduced.dll was replaced with DotNetZip.dll -

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused an app window to become invisible after resizing.
  • Fixed an issue that created an offset issue when using multiple monitors with different DPIs.
  • Fixed a small memory leak with certain OpenGL games.
  • Uninstalling multiple apps from the Overwolf Uninstaller while Overwolf is closed now works as intended.
  • Fixed possible memory leak when using or for extremely large files.