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Version 0.157



  • Release phasing - keep the same distribution per release.
    When you release version 1.0 to 10% of your users using the phase system and found a major bug - you can release an immediate fix 1.1 that targets the same 10% of your users.
  • Aero-snap support for native windows - Resizable native windows should support aero-snap (winkey + arrows and sticky-behaviour to screen edges).

Bug Fixes

  • Full-screen embedded videos no longer automatically repositioned in the top-left corner.
  • Fixed an exception that could occur when shutting down Overwolf.
  • Fixed a bug where the Windows 10 Controlled folder access prevented users from saving Overwolf videos in the default system directory.
  • Rainbow 6: Siege - CPU usage no longer increases when the user Alt-Tabs to with Overwolf.
  • Fixed several issues in Rainbow 6: Siege related to users who have enabled RawInput.
  • Fixed an issue when using overwolf.extensions.relaunch too quickly.
  • Several security patches for ransomware protection and processes protection.

Dev Console

  • We added a "per-version" retention report to compare retention between different app versions. You can see it on your board.

Game Events

  • We're expanding our library with typedef files for the different in-game events, starting with Valorant info updates. You can find our def file in this repo, or as an npm package.
    More info here.